Tripod Too

So in addition to the new Tripod Head that we purchased we also picked up a new Tripod. Our trusty Gitzo that we have had since 1988 has served us well an frankly is still a perfectly good tripod (eBay – here it comes) but it was time to upgrade, for one main reason. Our old tripod is a tank. As in “Very Sturdy”, but it weighs as much as one as well. And frankly we carry around so much gear that any way we can lighten the load we are going to take advantage of! So when we picked up the new Tripod Head we also got a Gitzo GT3540XLS which is code for a Carbon Fiber Tripod. It is a bit longer than our old one but a bit smaller in circumference. But the biggest difference is weight! The new tripod is SO MUCH LIGHTER! It also has new locking mechanisms on the legs which makes it easier to extend the legs. And last but not least it extends much higher then the old one.