Lisa Carney – Retoucher Extraordinaire

If you have been following recent posts about the “Case Study” then you have certainly seen us mention doing post production work on the project. Quite often we do a lot in house. But when we get too busy or have something on the more complex side we have our favorite retoucher that we send stuff to. Lisa Carney. We have been working with Lisa for close to 15 years. We are nothing if not loyal! But besides that, she is great at what she does and willing to share her talents with others through seminars and workshops.

You have seen Lisa’s work in our portfolios and previous posts. If you are an avid follower of this blog then you have also seen where Lisa lives and works in this post.

At any rate, she has done all the work on the “Case Study” images and we shared the final group shot with you yesterday. The portraits are yet to come…

Check out her site both for retouching work and for workshops (online ones!!!!!)