Photo Shoot Production Case Study – Part 12

As we wait for the final images to come back from the retouchers, lets cover the last few things we would normally do.

Once the shoot is done we would be right on top of accumulating all of the bills and invoices from the various vendors we used on the shoot. We would cross reference all of the bills that came in with our estimate to make sure that we have indeed accounted for everything. We would then generate a final invoice for the project, including all of our fees and expenses and get that off to the client at the earliest opportunity. The sooner we get it in the sooner we get paid!

Aside from that we would also create a “job jacket” if we haven’t already. For us, we put EVERYTHING that pertains to the job in here. All paperwork, forms model releases, client communications and a disk of all of the raw images…. everything!

We would also take some tome to organize and archive all of the imagery and make sure that we have three copies of the digital files. One on the main system, one in the job jacket and one on our system back-up.

We would put multiple calls into the client to make sure that they have received everything they need and check to make sure there is nothing additional that we need to do for them.

If the shoot was something of note, we would probably also get it onto our web site and into the portfolios.
And aside from that we sit back, and wait for the check to arrive. Oh… wait, no we don’t… we’re now unemployed! So now we have to go out and get another job and do this all over again!!!

We hope to get the final shots next week. So have a good weekend and we will share more on Monday (hopefully!)