Photo Shoot Production Case Study – Part 11

When we did the photo shoot, we also shot a series of “blanks”. These were shots of the set with no talent in it. We shot some at the beginning. Some in the middle. And some at the end. We also shot some set variations with a lantern and other objects and some different exposures of the lantern lit.

All of these “blanks” were for the post production end. It allows us to have all of the elements available to us in case we spot problems or want to make changes after the fact.

And that is exactly what happened in this case. Once we sat down after the shoot and started to evaluate everything, we decided to switch a few things around on the set. Our “blanks” were there to save the day.

We now regularly do this on every shoot we do. In fact we just shot a portrait yesterday for a company that we had done a session for, some time ago. They wanted the new portrait to match the previous ones we had done. It would have been so much easier had we shot blanks back then, but alas we had not started this practice. We were still able to match it up.. it just took longer than it had to.

© 2008 Dana Hursey Photography

So now everything is at the retoucher’s and we will share the final images once they are complete!