Photo Shoot Production Case Study – Part 5

Once we have had an initial discussion about creative, a lot of things start to happen simultaneously. One would be casting, which we have already talked about. Once casting is done and talent is locked in, it is time to get all of the model info to the wardrobe stylist so that they can start shopping. Certainly a discussion with the stylist will be necessary so that they are clear on what is needed. It is often a good idea to have the various stylists talk to each other to ensure that there is no cross over or nothing forgotten as a result of one stylist thinking the other was taking care of something.

A longer process is props and sets. As all of these items usually have to be approved by the client. For this particular shoot, since I was the client it was easier to spend an afternoon going around town with the stylist to go over things rather than him e mailing hundreds of photos of what is out there. It also spawned conversation about alternatives which was great.

At this time if we were doing this production for a client we would also start building the production book. This book contains everything pertaining to the shoot. Every person involved would be listed with phone and e mail contacts. Locations and maps. List and photos of talent with agency contacts. A breakdown of the shoot and schedule. Photos of all of the props to be used etc.

And lastly, one of the most important things to coordinate… The Food! Find a great caterer. It makes all of the difference. I would share the info of mine, but I don’t want them to get so busy that I cannot get them anymore!! On this shoot, everyone was pitching in and doing things for as little as possible, so for me it was important to feed them really well!!