Disc Stakka – Storage Solution for CD’s and DVD’s

So as a follow up to least Thursdays post, another friend of mine (Rudy Carruolo) had read the article about Drobo and sent me a link to something he has been considering for wrangling all of his optical media (CD’s & DVD’s). Called Disc Stakka from Imation, it is a carousel that holds 100 discs and comes with Mac / Windows software that works in conjunction with it to store, catalog, and access all of your discs. You can stack five of them for storage of up to 500 discs and still only use the one USB connection.

The only issue I see with them is that they seem bulky and a bit of a space pig, but for those of you who rely strongly on optical media, this looks great! We have pretty much moved away from optical media as a primary means of storage, but many people find it is a better system for them. As always… check it out!