Lightroom Killer Tips

I was playing catch-up yesterday on some podcasts that I subscribe to and thought I would pass along my current favorite.

With all of the hardware and software apps that we as photographers have to keep up on, anything that can quickly and concisely assist in that endeavor is always much appreciated.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has become one of our main workflow apps and although we are pretty adept at it Adobe programs are always so “deep” that it is hard to stay on top of all of the shortcuts, tools, and tricks.

So I have been subscribing to a podcast caller Lightroom Killer Tips. The thing I like about them is that the host (Matt Kloskowski) is clear and concise with very useful tips tools and ideas. Most of the podcasts are in the 5-8 min range so you are not stuck forever watching endless videos. Brevity is Good!

So even if you are very well versed in Lightroom, I would check out these podcasts because you may just walk aways with a great timesaving nugget!

You can find the podcasts AND a lot more, like free presets at their site and of course you can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes by going to the iTunes Store inside iTunes and doing a search for Lightroom Killer Tips and then clicking Subscribe!