Canon EOS 1 Ds Mark III – Sample

So here is a quick sample from the Canon EOS 1 Ds Mark III

Photograph by Los Angeles Photographer - Dana Hursey Detail Photo by L.A. Pgotographer Dana Hursey

The first is the full image and the second is detail at 100% magnification.

I have been really impressed with color, tonality and clearly, as seen above, the detail.
These are big files, and consequently we have to deal with the storage issue of bigger and bigger files. But I feel the payoff is worth it (until we have to go out and buy that 10 TB back-up array!)

There are a lot of other nice things about this camera, like the bigger LCD and very crisp, clear and large viewfinder. A “Favorites” Menu that you can customize and put all of your favorite functions. Fewer buttons and knobs. More info in the viewfinder.

The big downside as we discussed in an earlier post is the USB connection and subsequent S L O W transfer speed during tethered shooting. It will take a few more shoots to get used to things and work out any bugs. But we think this will overall be a great piece of equipment.