Canon EOS 1 Ds Mark III – First Thoughts

This weekend we did a small shoot. The first one with the 1Ds Mk III. A colleague of mine had gotten one about a month before I did and had mentioned that he was having to adjust to the “new sound” the camera made in relation to the Mark II. At the time I thought he was overstating the fact for dramatic effect and really just more talking about his new toy.

On Saturday I realized what he was talking about! Wow! The Mark III’s shutter really does sound very different! I have been shooting with the 1Ds and the Mark II’s for over 5 years and for the most part they sound very much like each other (which is why I did not give that much credence to my friends comments). But the new sound made by the Mark III bordered on distracting for me. Not that the sound is “wrong” or “bad” it is just significantly different from what I have been listening to for the past five years.

So if you pick up a Mark III, there is nothing wrong with it and yours is not the only one that sounds like that!