We have used Quickbooks for our accounting, estimating and invoicing since it’s inception. Up until two years ago we were using the Windows version, which had improved and expanded over the years. But then about two years ago we migrated completely over to Mac’s and consequently switched over to the Mac version of Quickbooks.

While still one of the better programs out there, the Mac version is years behind the Windows version in it’s sophistication and bug free operation. While Mac’s are growing exponentially (and rightly so) in their popularity, the user market is still not up to the point where software companies like Intuit put as much time, effort, and quality control into their Mac versions as they do into their Windows versions.

So despite the fact the the current version of Quickbooks Pro for Mac (2007) is VERY buggy and is a few giant step behind it’s Windows counterpart, it still performs the basic tasks we need and allows us to quickly estimate, bill, and keep our books. But we are REALLY looking forward to the next version in hopes that it can come a bit closer to where it should be!