Still Waiting for Hasselblad’s New Software

We purchased a Hasselblad H3DII a few months back with the promise that Hasselblad would be releasing new software to accompany it by the end of 2007. Unfortunately that did not happen, and towards the end of December we called in to find out the status and were told that it would very likely be out mid January. Well he we are heading into February and still no software. Very disappointing as the old software is not up to par. Hasselblad’s web site even still indicates an end of 07 release. Obviously they don’t do a lot of web maintenance! Not to be impatient, but, hurry… hurry!!!!

1 thought on “Still Waiting for Hasselblad’s New Software

  1. I agree with you. I also bought the very expensive H3DII-31 with the expectation that Phocus should be released within days. Nothing so far. I even cannot upgrade the camera to ISO 1600 (an important feature for me to buy the 31MP model.
    The service is a little bit less than I expected. Maybe I go back to my Nikon D3…..

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