New Epson Drivers Are Out

We have been waiting here at the studio for a couple months to get updated Epson Drivers for OS X 10.5 (Leopard). With the upgrade to the new operating system the old drivers offered limited functionality for our larger printers and it put a few projects on hold. Over the past couple of weeks Epson has finally released updated drivers for the new operating system and we are back in full swing again. I don’t think they have gotten drivers out for ALL of their printers but some of the more popular large format printer drivers are finally here.

They have also made a huge (in my opinion) improvement in the sub-menus of the driver. The “Print Settings” and “Color Management” menus have been combined. These were THE ONLY two menus I ever used and having them combined is great because now we can just visit one sub-menu for all of out print jobs.

They have also simplified the media selection menu in the “Print Settings” dialog which makes selecting your paper much nicer as well!

Thanks Epson!