Dreams for Children Documentary (cont.)

In shooting the “Dreams for Children” Documentary, we were working with five orphans from El Rancho del Niño Orphanage. We were with them over the five days we were in Guaymas, Mexico. Three of the boys were like brothers and were so warm and affectionate, it made it difficult not to pack them in our bags and take them home. But evidently Americans are not allowed to adopt these kids for whatever reason…

I shot a lot of frames of the kids, they were just so photogenic and easy to shoot. They were not camera shy and at the same time were not hams! They just did what they did, tried to cooperate and behaved so beautifully.

This image of Miguelito was shot in open shade at the orphanage at ISO 200 with my 35mm-350mm set at 180mm at 1/160th @ f5.0
Portrait of Child by L.A. Photographer Dana Hursey