Professional Photographer’s Equipment

A question we get asked a fair amount is what kind of equipment do we have in our arsenal…
So we thought we’d put a list together that highlights the major stuff….

Small Format Digital Camera Systems

2 – Canon EOS 1 Ds Mk II – 16Megapixel Digital Cameras
Canon 35mm-350mm L Series Zoom Lens
Canon 85mm L Series Lens
Canon 16mm-35mm Zoom Lens
Canon 100mm Macro Lens
Canon 90mm Tilt Shift Lens
Canon 65mm 1x-5x Macro Lens

Lensbaby 2.0 – Soft Focus Lens

Leica M8 – 10 Megapixel Digital Camera
Leica 35mm Lens

Medium Format Digital Camera Systems

Hasselblad H3D-39II – 39 Megapixel Digital Camera
Hasselblad 80mm Lens
Hasselblad120mm Macro Lens
Hasselblad 28mm Wide Angle Lens
Hasselblad 50mm-110mm Zoom Lens

Large Format Film Camera Systems

4×5 / 5×7 Super Cambo View Camera
210mm Schneider Lens
121mm Schneider Super Angulon Lens
300mm Schneider Lens

Lighting Systems

2 – Profoto D4 Digital Strobe Packs (2400ws)
6 – Profoto Accute2/D4 Strobe Heads
Profoto Acute2 / D4 Ring Light
Profoto StickLight
Various Reflectors, Grids, SoftBoxes, Umbrellas, and Light Modifiers

Lumedyne 800ws Portable Strobe System

Canon Speedlite
Canon Ringlite

Sekonic L-358 Flash Meter

Pocket Wizard Radio Slave/Sync System


Foba Studio Stand
Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripod
Manfrotto Monopod
Grip Kits, Expendables, etc.

Color Calibrated Computer Systems

Apple Mac Pro Computer- Quad Core 3GHz – 3TB HD – 8GB RAM – Dual Optical Drives
Apple 30″ Cinema Display
Apple G5 Computer – Dual 2GHz – .5TB HD – 2GB RAM – Optical Drive (Portable)
Apple 23″ Cinema Display (Portable)
Apple 15″ MacBook Pro 2.0GHz 2GB RAM Laptop (Location Computer)
2 – iMac 20″ Desktop Computers
3TB LaCie/G-Raid Back-up Disk Array
Imacon Flextight 848 Hi-End Film Scanner
Epson R2400 Printer (13″ wide)
Epson Pro7800 Printer (24″ wide)
Final Cut Pro Edit Bay w/ Beta SP, DV, VHS, DVD, Sony RGB Video Monitor, Sound Board, AJA Kona Board, After Effects Pro Bundle + more

This along with cases to hold everything and lots of little items in our grip cases, like extension cords, tools, tape, filters, batteries, make up the bulk of what we keep on hand. And of course we then rent additional equipment as needed by any specific job.