There is a new web site out there for creatives to be able to post and share their work. It’s called jamuse. Although not open quite yet, it looks to be a great place to host a portfolio, share large files with clients, allow others to mark-up and comment on imagery and all done in a secure fashion so as not to allow hi-res images into the hands of others (unless you want them to have access)

The site has a clean easy to understand interface and has a “cover-flow” type browser (much like Mac OS X) to view images as well as a proof sheet style interface. You can upload a bio, your contact info and a full portfolio.

Museworx is their interface to send and share files. You can set up multiple projects and share them with one or multiple clients. There is the option for real time chatting and clients can comment, approve, and even draw and mark-up an image. It is all quite easy to use and the mark-up option worked surprisingly well!

When I was asked to join as an advisory member, I was a bit skeptical of the services and quite frankly doubted that I would ever use a site such as this, as I am fairly savvy with FTP’s and web download pages.
But the folks at jamuse (who are from the creative community themselves) have really built a relevant site that is worth looking into!

The fact that you can decide whether to grant access to full hi-res files or secure protected files is a big bonus!

There is really a lot more to the site, blogs, discussion groups, learning centers, articles, etc.
But I must say that the big draw for me is the ability to easily share and collaborate on files with clients.

We are looking forward to their official launch!

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