Go To France!

Last month we had a great evening with some dear friends who, a year ago, sold it all and moved to France. They were in town for a month visiting Family and Friends and we are lucky to be counted as the latter. Lisa, Tanya, and Cole have started a new life in France and own a gite (kind of a French version of a B&B).

Lisa assisted me for all too brief of a time. She was unequivocally the best assistant I have ever had. But alas she quickly moved onward and upward and now does high-end digital retouching and compositing (and now does it from France!). She worked on a couple of images for our recent UHC shoot.

At any rate the point of my post today is to send you to their web site as not only do they live in an amazingly beautiful region, they are amazingly beautiful people. So should you ever find yourself going to France, have I got a place for you to stay!!! La Maillerie Check out their web site! And make a reservation while you are there. We hope to be heading over in early 2008!

Merci et au revoir!