Staying Focused

We have been doing film and video projects off and on over the past 10 or 12 years. Our second company “Portico Productions” specializing in this work has had it’s ebbs and flows. But the past few years despite our love for occasionally working on a good film / video project, our attentions have been pull almost exclusively to the still work (my first true love). We haven’t really ever pushed or “sold” our film work, it has just kind of fallen in our lap. With technology the way it is these days, keeping up with new hardware / software requirements is a monumental task in any field. Till now we have been dealing with it on two fronts, Film & Photography! The few die-hard clients that we’ve had the past couple of years have really only served to pay for the constant upgrades that are necessary to stay current in the field. Consequently, last week we decided to officially phase out our Film/Video services. With the past few projects this division has started to show up as more of a distraction. So it is with heavy hearts and a little tear that we bid adieu (at least for now) to working on Film and Video. We will certainly be keeping our edit bay (you never know when you’ll need to throw a quick promo together) and if some irresistible project shows up we’ve always been know to change our minds on occasion. But for now we have moved “Film & Video” out of our “Portfolio” section on our web site and have moved it over to the “More” section (just to show our capabilities should we need to). Thanks to our loyal clients and we’ll be missing you!