New Hasselblad Equipment

Well after some product research and a demo for the Hasselblad rep we finally felt it was the right time to get the latest high-end medium format camera. So about 4 weeks ago we got the Hasselblad H3D II. It’s a 39 megapixel camera with some amazing glass! It came with an 80mm (normal) lens, but in addition we picked up the 28mm, the 120 macro, and the 50-110 zoom as well as the pro shade, some extra batteries, and a new tripod and head. I tell you, we could make a lot more money if we did not have to keep investing in all of this expensive equipment! With wrapping up some projects and printing new portfolios and promos we have not even had a chance to shoot a single frame on the system but we’ll definitely share our thoughts with you once we start!