Canon Professional Services

For any of you pro’s out there that shoot with Canon Professional cameras, if you are not already aware of Canon Professional Services, it is a service you should look into. Strangely enough they have no U.S. website (I know.. how behind the times can a company be..?) But it is worth looking into even if it is only for the expedited turn-around on camera repairs and maintenance. They also “supposedly” offer free equipment rental either for evaluation purposes or to cover you while your equipment is at one of their service centers, although I have never utilized this service because the local rep has never returned my calls.. I know this is sounding like a lackluster endorsement but the repair turnaround is really my main selling point. I can offer anyone who requests it, their local Canon reps phone # in order to apply, or direct you to Canon’s main # 1-800-OK-Canon and request an application for Canon Professional Services or “CPS” You do have to prove your “Professional Status” with copies of tear sheets and promos. I just had two of my bodies and one lens go in for an overhaul and it looks as if the whole service was “no charge!”