Yet Another Paper to Try…

Image by Los Angeles Photographer Dana Hursey

We’re currently printing up the exhibition for the Pasadena Arts & Ideas Festival that we told you about in a previous post. All of the images are black & white and have a lot of dark tones in them. Usually we like to print on matte surface papers but the drawback to them is the frequency with which areas of dark detail block up into big patches of black, loosing all of the nice intricacies. So for this show we went in search of an archival exhibition paper and came across Crane Museo Silver Rag. It is very similar to a fiber based fine art gloss / luster photo paper. I have to say, that so far we have been quite pleased with the depth and quality if the imagery we are getting. Evidently quite a few museums work with this paper for their own exhibitions. We’ll let you know if we run up against any issues but, thus far we would highly recommend using this paper if you are looking for a high quality paper with a traditional “photo paper” look and feel.

Thanks again to the folks at!