Lightroom Issues

Well after battling with our Lightroom software over the past few weeks we think we have found a solution to the extremely poor performance we have been experiencing lately. Although it is not the solution we had hoped for. It appears that besides the fact that we have the latest and greatest MacPro Tower, it still is not capable of handling a Lightroom Database of over 50,000 images (we are currently around 62,000) So the suggested solution from Adobe is to create multiple smaller databases, which is not the optimal solution when you are trying to organize all of your imagery in one place. But the performance otherwise was completely unacceptable. So we are in the process of building our group of small databases and we’ll let you know next week if it worked or not!

1 thought on “Lightroom Issues

  1. I’m surprised I didn’t think of that myself. Yeah, both Apple and Adobe have had to answer for that and there’s still no real word from either of them as to how they’re going to be able to handle these arbitrary image caps. When I worked for a wedding photographer some years ago, between me and him and an assistant we would take between three and four thousand images. Sometimes it could be as high as six thousand. For him, both Aperture and Lightroom aren’t even on their radar because of how few images you can store in the database. For one of their original Aperture promotions, I remember Apple had Joe Buissink discussing how this program was a breakthrough innovation. It struck me odd then as it does now that they would even be pitching to the wedding crowd with the number of frames those sorts of photographers go through. I think it’s all very ironic because both programs also make it very easy for you to import them directly from your card and then extremely hard for the user to erase files from within its architecture.

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