August 2007

Kay Warren Book Cover Image

This summer we have been working on a pro-bono project for the Pasadena Conservatory of Music. Every few years the City of Pasadena holds and “Arts and Ideas Festival” and the next one is this October. The theme chosen by the Pasadena Arts Council for this year is “Skin”.

As part of their contribution to this city-wide creative festival, the Conservatory hired us to produce a series of 10 Black & White images that spoke to the interaction between skin and musical instruments.

We opted to do this gratis as the Conservatory is one of the great local institutions supporting and furthering The Arts in our community and we wanted to support their efforts.

So over a series of four days of photo sessions we did a variety of visual studies of the interaction between musician and instrument and will ultimately print ten 20 x 24 Black & White Fine Art Prints that will be framed and hung in exhibition at the Conservatory during the Arts & Ideas Festival in October 2007