Mac or PC? …(As If!)

I have been working on computers since 1980. In those early years it was an Apple II. In 1986 I started working on “PC’s” all in DOS programs. In 1993 I started to work with newer Mac’s and almost immediately became a “dual platform” office.

PC’s have historically been really good with “data” while in my opinion Mac’s have been the undisputed king of the hill for graphics. And for the most part that is how my office ran.. PC’s for data (bookkeeping like Irenas Xero Cloud Services, databases, scheduling, etc.) and Mac’s for graphics (Photoshop-ing, film editing, design, etc.)

A lot of this had to do with the fact that there was simply a broader range of software available for PC’s that was not available for Mac’s. Well, with the resurgence of Apple over the past decade, I have been waiting (anxiously) for the software that I relied on to handle my data to catch up on the Mac side.

Frankly I feel the Mac is a much more elegant and simpler interface and user experience. So I have been hoping to migrate to a totally Mac office at my earliest reasonable opportunity. The last two programs that I was holding out for were;

  1. A reasonably equivalent Mac version of Quickbooks. Early Mac versions were not nearly as sophisticated as their PC counterparts and I rely heavily on this piece of software. In fact they current Mac versions still lag behind but are close enough for me to have migrated over.
  2. And an online postage option. Endicia was that solution.

About a year ago I bought an Intel Mac and was running Parallels & Windows on it and was fairly satisfied with the results, but once the “last two pieces” were in place, which was late last year, I finally made the transition.

I Love It!

Compatibility and networking are stupendous and I have only had the need to open Windows on my Mac a couple of times to check web issues on MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) Other than that DHP is 100% Mac. I never anticipate going back. I like everything about Macs and miss NOTHING from Windows.