We did a corporate group shot recently and although the parameters of the shoot changed while we were on the shoot, we got the client what they wanted… Although as it turns out not what they needed. We found out after the fact that one of the images needed to be used for a full-page cover shot for a magazine. The only problem is that we shot the job horizontal and not vertical. So when the magazine indicated that the shot was not useable in it’s current state, there was a bit of panic going on.

Thankfully at the time I was a bit insistent that we shoot the group of seven (originally to be a group of five) in two clusters. Who knows why we get these bugs up our butt sometimes but the client wanted to push everyone together into one cluster and I just really steered them away from doing it that way.

Well this really saved us when it came time to rectify the issue of not having a vertical shot. We were able to (quite simply) rearrange a few people in the computer and come up with a solution. But it was that “two cluster” grouping that really enabled us to fix the problem… The universe works in mysterious ways!!!

Original Group Shot Vertical Composite