Leica M8 (part 3)


So it dawned on me that I better put up a color photograph from the M8 lest someone think it not capable of taking color images!

To kind of finish off my reasoning about spending an exorbitant amount of money on a virtually completely manual camera… My goal with this was to shoot what would be mostly B/W images. And although I did not realize it at the time I got the camera, it has a wonderful feature of allowing you to preview the images (I have recently found out this practice is called “chimping“) in B/W while shooting and still retaining a full .dng or RAW file to use in color or B/W as you wish. LOVE THIS FEATURE!!

I purchased only one lens, for several reasons;

  1. Less stuff to carry around.
  2. Changing lenses only adds to sensor dust.
  3. As I have repeatedly said I wanted to go back to basics, and having one fixed focal length lens gives me the challenge of figuring out how to make the image work.

I purchased the 35mm 1.4 because I wanted a fast lens. I wanted to be able to shoot in low light situations without having to use a flash. I really wanted lightweight, simple, and versatile! I chose the 35mm because with the magnification factor of the sensor, the 35mm is more like a normal lens. Again… back to basics. Leica made a 28-35-50 lens which is not so much of a zoom as 3 fixed lenses in one, but the f4 aperture was a deal breaker for me. I really needed this to be a fast lens.

I am getting the flash unit just to round out the system, but my goal is to travel light and stealthy. I am fairly convinced that this will be my camera of choice when not shooting a job, and who knows, I may use it for the occasional job here and there as well!

One last shot…

Hearst Castle