Corporate Image Libraries™ by Dana Hursey Photography

Corporate Image Libraries™ — Creating proprietary image libraries for corporations and medium sized firms as a long term and more cost effective alternative to stock photography. Corporate Image Libraries™ creates customized imagery tailored to specific client needs and moves away from the “one-photo-fits-all” disadvantages of using stock photography and eliminates the possibility of branding imagery being used by competitors or other industries thereby diminishing the identifying power of your imagery. Visit

West Hollywood, California June 25, 2007 — The Lighthouse Imaging Group announced today the launch of a unique Corporate Image Libraries™ concept developed and operated by Dana Hursey Photography. Corporate Image Libraries™ provides a persistent bank of images for strong identity and various media content, used to enhance the company’s brand and services as well as supporting other media rights management applications. Corporate Image Libraries™ provides brand-enhancing images for corporations and medium sized firms.

“Central to our success is becoming a trusted partner and supplier to the corporate clients we serve. The Corporate Image Libraries™ we create enable those clients to effectively protect their image content for use in a multitude of media applications; all of this with control and security stamping there own creative mark on the theme and style of the images. Effectively insuring against multiple image use across similar market sectors and industry competitors. We work creatively and collaboratively to enhance the services and products offered by our clients, ensuring that the end customer relates succinctly to its services and methodology. Our photography enables trusted relationships between provider and customer through unique themes, where customers are encouraged by their own special position within the providers environment,” Dana Hursey June 2007.


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See the June 25 edition of “Brandweek” Magazine for a full-page advertisement announcing this innovative approach to the creation of dedicated brand imagery.

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