February 2007

Kay Warren Book Cover Image

In December and January we completed a two-week shoot for United Healthcare. In working with their Ad Agency, Deutsch, they are doing an entire re-branding of the company. This has been very exciting for us as being the first to generate new imagery for the brand we are certainly making a mark on the overall “look” of their new photography. In a distinct departure from what has become the normal and expected fare of lifestyle imagery for the healthcare industry, Deutsch has taken UHC in a decidedly different direction of conceptual shots illustrating the benefits of their health plans. Using mostly still life with a few people here and there, Deutsch is pushing creativity and taking their client into new territories for that sector of the market. In the next few weeks we will be heading into rounds two and three of this photography. And in seeing the preliminary sketches for the upcoming visuals we are thrilled to be part of the project and can’t wait to start in on them! The folks at Deutsch and UHC have been great to work with and we are looking forward to producing a lot of great imagery together!

Check back in the coming weeks to see more of these fun images in our online Portfolio Galleries!