October 2006

Kay Warren Book Cover Image

We are thrilled this month about the release of the feature-length DVD “14 Days in Great Britain”! This documentary film follows our journey across the U.K. in August of 2005 and is the second in what is to be an ongoing series of films chronicling people from around the world over the next decade. It features interviews with many of the hundreds of individuals that we were so fortunate to interact with during our 14 day journey. In addition it follows its creator David Gibbons on his mission to bring people together through the mediums of film and photography. Oh yes, the film also happens to contain quite a few portraits that I took while on the journey. I consider myself quite fortunate to be involved with such a project and look forward to future trips and meeting more amazing individuals from around the world that make up this complex and simple culture we call humanity.

Check out the trailer: Here

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