February 2005

Kay Warren Book Cover Image

We are gearing up for another shoot with PacifiCare this month. I have been shooting for PacifiCare since 1997 and there are a lot of things I love about working with this company. One is that there seems to be a prerequisite for being a PacifiCare employee; you’ve got to be an amazingly nice person. I have worked with over a dozen different people at PacifiCare and I honestly could not ask for nicer clients! Another thing I like about this company is the consistency of their branding. I can’t say for sure when they started the look they are currently using but it’s great to seem them stick with it and develop it. A look, which by the way, I love! If you are not familiar with it it’s pretty fresh and simple. Softly lit or naturally lit black and white environmental portraits. Whether it is their employees, their seniors, their ambassadors, or their members, they are all shot with the same feel in mind. Certainly some images have to get across a specific and distinct message, but beyond that it is just about that person and a moment of their life. PacifiCare has not second guessed their campaign or committee’d themselves into stayed and boring images. They are collaborative, relaxed and trusting of the professionals they enlist.

When you see a PacifiCare print ad or commercial you can tell it’s theirs before you see a bit of type or hear a note of music. I consider myself lucky to have been included in the creative team that generates this imagery and look forward to continuing to work with the great people who make up PacifiCare. To them I say “thank you” and here’s to making more pretty pictures!